Alchemy in action.  Liz with the big torch.

Alchemy in action.  Liz with the big torch.

I love finding beauty.

And I love sharing beauty. TalisWoman Design is the hub for all I make and a tribute to all that inspires me.

My eyes have always gone for the sparkle! As a little girl, playing dress-up included going into my mothers jewelry box and trying on her colorful African beads and her rings. One ring was from an Aunt, gold filigree with an Aquamarine, one was from her Mother, blue-glass like a sapphire set in an art deco design, and her simple yet elegant opal engagement ring still stand out in my memory. 

As a teenager working in a antique shop that sold costume and estate jewelry, my love of beautiful, wearable art bloomed. I began to learn about gemstones, metals and good design. I held Scaparelli broches and compared blue topaz to blue diamond. Around that time a friend introduced me to lost wax casting, an ancient method used to make things out of metal. I was hooked. 

My work is deeply influenced by ancient art, including the historical healing aspects of the talisman. Each piece has a tactile quality to it and looks better as it is worn. All are intended to bring healing joy to the wearer and are imbued with the energies of protection and luck.

Throughout history talismans have been part of many of our lives. Think of evil-eyes, rabbit's feet, worry beads, lucky Chinese knots- even Hello Kitty is a talisman to some! 

Taliswoman represents the type of luck and magic reserved for women-- It's overflowing when we relax in our own skin. When we are free, it shines from within making the world more beautiful. This feeling is what I put into all I create and, I hope, what you get out of it.